What is body contouring? What are the different types? For how long have these been around? This article answers your questions and more.

Invasive Body Contouring

Most people recognize the term liposuction. What many don’t know is that liposuction is the original form of body contouring. It’s a surgical, or invasive, form of body contouring that has existed for about a century. A surgeon performs this procedure to surgically remove fat from the body. Even with improvements in surgical procedure, there are significant risks associated with surgery and you have to spend valuable time recovering, too.

It used to be that surgery was the only way to do this. Because of the expensive price tag, it was only available to the rich and famous. In the last decade or more, non-invasive technologies have come to market making body contouring more accessible and affordable. These non-invasive solutions have grown in popularity among consumers all over the world.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Non-invasive body contouring technologies use different types of energy to damage fat cells. In the months following treatment, the body flushes these damaged fat cells away to reveal a more contoured shape. You can target “trouble areas” to achieve the shape you desire.

Fat loss results are permanent. Even if you gain weight afterwards, the body does not re-create fat cells. Instead, existing fat cells expand with weight gain so that the distribution of fat is basically proportionate to the shape you created by body contouring.

Non-invasive body contouring (read: no surgery or downtime) may sound too good to be true, but we assure you it’s not.

Providers right here in Halifax have been offering non-invasive body contouring for years. These solutions come with different names, price points, and rates of efficacy. Generally speaking, the more expensive non-invasive body contouring technologies are more effective, and the less expensive technologies are less effective. In other words, you usually get what you pay for.

Emsculpt Neo Is The Most Advanced Body Contouring Technology On The Market And Now Available In Halifax

Here at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness, we’re the first provider of Emsculpt Neo in Halifax. This is the most advanced non-invasive body contouring technology on the market.

According to clinical studies, Emsculpt Neo reduces fat by a whopping 30% on average. This is the best fat reduction result you’ll get from non-invasive body contouring. Unlike any other technology, it also builds an average of 25% more muscle volume in the treated area. A single treatment for this two-in-one solution only takes 30 minutes, which is less time than leading competitors.

Fortunately for Haligonians, the average treatment plan for Emsculpt Neo is actually less expensive than the average treatment plan for the leading competitor technology. In other words, Emsculpt Neo delivers better fat reduction results, also builds muscle in the treatment area, takes less time, and is less expensive than the leading competitor technology. Why would you consider anything else?!

Schedule A Free Emsculpt Neo Consultation At Body Works Med Spa & Wellness

At Body Works Med Spa & Wellness, our mission is to use state-of-the-art non-invasive technologies to help clients look and feel slimmer, fitter, and younger while enhancing their quality of life – with no surgery or downtime.

For people who want a more contoured shape, we use Emsculpt Neo to permanently reduce stubborn fat and build muscle – with no surgery or downtime. In addition to looking slimmer, fitter, and younger, clients also appreciate our no-judgement philosophy and positive body image approach. Contact us or use our convenient online book site to schedule a free virtual or in-person consultation where you’ll learn more about Emsculpt Neo and whether you’re a good candidate. We’re conveniently located in downtown Halifax’s The Vertu, also known as The Pete’s Frootique building. There is ample parking available in the underground parkade off of Birmingham Street and we validate parking for appointments.

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