What Clients Say About Body Works Med Spa & Wellness

Below are a few examples of what clients say about their experience at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness. Some clients prefer to remain anonymous when providing feedback, so we only publish first names or initials and we sometimes use a different name to protect privacy. However, we assure you that these are real comments from real clients!

Real Comments From Clients…

I had done a series of [different] treatments for my incontinence issues going way back. So, I’ve had surgery, which was okay for a few years, but then the symptoms started again. That led to me getting some Botox treatments, which can be very painful and also, I would lose work time. I was out of work for a couple of days. So, when Body Works went through my Facebook feed, I thought oh, that sounds too good to be true. I’d sit on a chair, just watch Netflix, and all of a sudden, my incontinence was being treated with no pain, no downtime or anything. I thought okay, let me go and check it out. I would say after two sessions of doing my treatments here at Body Works, I was down to a thin pad and it just got better from there. As I went on, I was able to finally go out to an exercise class. I’m able to go all night with maybe only getting up once. It just made a big difference. No downtime afterwards. It changed my life dramatically.Client

After the Exilis Ultra Facelift, I look more refreshed and lifted, especially my neck and jaw. –Client

The Exilis treatments on my outer thighs exceeded my expectations! My saddlebags have always been a big insecurity and now they no longer exist. On top of that, a nice shape was created! NO amount of diet and exercise could have achieved these results and I’ve had a life long of trying, haha. Also, I’ve heard that the outer thighs is a very challenging area to treat with liposuction and can leave you looking deformed. Another pro for Exilis! –Client

I love the services that you provide – non-invasive and very motivating for me. And you are a great team to work with. –Client

I’m in love with all my results!! Emsculpt Neo is the best! Not only that, doing these treatments has ignited a lost fire in me to get back to the gym and start working out to increase my results/get in shape again. I used to be a fitness nut and I just lost the motivation over the last year. After gaining over 15 pounds, it’s hard to get motivated but seeing the results from my treatments gave me that push I needed 😊 –Leah

You can imagine my delight when after buying my usual size Large in pants, I had to return them for size Medium. –Lisa

Because of my diastasis recti, I used to have to roll out of bed. Now I can sit up. –M.M.

I had been struggling with extra weight around my middle for a while when I started doing research about non-invasive body contouring. A CoolSculpting provider in town quoted me $10,000 for a treatment plan – and I actually considered it. Getting rid of that stubborn fat is really valuable to me. Then I learned about Emsculpt Neo and how it reduces more fat than CoolSculpting in addition to building muscle. Not to mention, my Emsculpt Neo treatment plan at Body Works is less than half the cost. I’m thrilled. –Mark

Wow. This stuff actually works. –L.T.

I haven’t peed my pants in a fitness class since starting Emsella! –L.R.

Within an aging body who is fairly active and athletic, I would like to keep muscle tone and stay in shape. My Emsculpt Neo and Emsella treatments were pain-free and helped to stimulate a better body form. My customer service experience has been excellent and friendly, good counseling in terms of the workings of both technologies. As an extra, counseling from Alix about my body form was appreciated. She went above and beyond. It helps to reinforce and encourage people who come especially because it’s a new treatment and one is always vulnerable when seeking out new treatments. –“A senior person”

Everyone should do Core to Floor therapy, especially if you’re a senior. –Edward

Other places where you can discover what people are saying include the Body Works Google My Business profile and RealSelf.com. RealSelf is a review platform where people go to research cosmetic procedures. Search for the name of our technologies to see reviews from across North America.