It’s Time To Get Taut & Toned! No Pain, Invasive Procedure, Or Downtime Required

What do you get when you combine the most advanced fat loss and muscle-building treatment in the world with the best non-invasive cellulite and skin laxity treatment in the world? You get Taut & Toned! It delivers less fat faster, more muscle, and improved texture. Body Works is the only provider of Taut & Toned in Nova Scotia and the most experienced provider in Atlantic Canada. Keep reading to learn more…

Do You Dream Of Having A Slimmer, Stronger, Tauter Physique?

Most people have at least one area on their body that carries more fat than they’d like. For many people, it’s the belly. Others wish that the excess fat on their upper arms would go away. For others still, it’s the fat pockets on their outer thighs. Wherever it is, it’s annoying!

Maybe you’ve had that “trouble area” ever since you were young. Or maybe you developed it after having kids, years of working long hours at a desk, or while approaching menopause or a different stage of shifting hormones and slower metabolism. Whatever the case may be, the ageing process only makes it worse. Not only do these areas get bigger and more stubborn, but you typically develop more skin laxity and cellulite in the same spots, and the whole thing becomes harder to address. It’s an uphill battle!

What If…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could zap away those annoying fat pockets, replace them with muscle tone, tighten up any loose skin, and smooth out any cellulite – all at the same time? Well, surprise! Recent innovations in medical aesthetics and wellness mean that you can. You may also be surprised to discover that the solutions we offer at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness are pain-free and totally non-invasive with zero downtime.

Get Taut & Toned With Non-Invasive Treatments And Zero Downtime – Only At Body Works Med Spa & Wellness

Taut & Toned is a body contouring program for people who want to make body improvements and enhance their confidence and quality of life – without invasive procedure, pain, or downtime. This program uses two different non-invasive devices to quickly reduce fat, build muscle, tighten skin, and smooth cellulite…

One of the devices we use is called Emsculpt Neo. This is the most advanced non-invasive body contouring device in the world. According to clinical studies, it permanently reduces fat by 30% on average and builds an average of 25% more muscle. It even repairs diastasis recti by an average of 19%.

The second device we use is EmTone. This is the first and only non-invasive device to provide effective treatment of cellulite with no downtime. At the same time, it provides the best skin tightening results for the body of any non-invasive device. Not to mention, EmTone also speeds up and improves your fat loss results from Emsculpt Neo! When you do EmTone treatments after Emsculpt Neo, you get Taut & Toned.

Body Works Med Spa & Wellness is the only provider of Taut & Toned in Nova Scotia and the most experienced provider in Atlantic Canada. We focus exclusively on non-invasive aesthetics and wellness, and we love delivering results with non-invasive procedures and no downtime.

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The Science Of Taut & Toned

Emsculpt Neo

When we perform Taut & Toned, we start with Emsculpt Neo to permanently reduce fat and build muscle. Emsculpt Neo uses a combination of radiofrequency (RF) heat and high intensity-focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. Basically, the RF safely damages fat cells in the treated area so that over time, the body metabolizes and eliminates them forever. The HIFEM creates muscle contractions to strengthen existing muscle fibers and build new muscle fibers.


After your your Emsculpt Neo treatments, we do EmTone treatments. EmTone treats all major contributing factors to cellulite and dramatically improves skin laxity. Targeted Pressure Energy (TPE) with radiofrequency heat (RF) work together to:

• Decongest fat cells in the treatment area
• Activate better blood circulation
• Repair damaged collagen and elastin fibers
• Restructure tissues and proteins
• Generate new collagen and elastin fibers
• Remove metabolic waste through lymphatic drainage

Synergy With Taut & Toned

All of this amounts to less fat, more muscle, and improved skin texture. EmTone’s ability to remove metabolic waste means that it will remove damaged fat cells faster and better than if you were to do Emsculpt Neo only.

What To Expect From Your Body Works Experience

The Free Consultation

The first step in the Taut & Toned program is to book a free consultation at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness. The purpose of the free consultation is to determine if you’re a good candidate for our treatments. We block off an hour, but we don’t always need that much time. You’ll complete a quick intake form, we’ll ask each other questions, look at your area(s) of concern, review before & after comparisons, and prepare a written treatment plan with the required investment. Our goals are to make you feel comfortable and ensure that you have everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

About Body Works

We have four core values at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness: Integrity, Service, No Judgement, and Positive Body Image. Being honest and upfront is important to us and we want you to have a top-notch experience at Body Works. Everyone has different reasons for their interest in body contouring and we believe every reason is valid. Further, we want everyone to feel good about their bodies, so we work to cultivate a feel-good environment at our clinic. We do our best to live these values – not just market them.

You can also expect our technicians to be good at doing treatments! Firstly, BTL Aesthetics trains and certifies all of our team members. To go above and beyond, we have a constant line of communication with our educator at BTL Aesthetics and we regularly do additional, voluntary training to stay on top of best practices. Our technicians have all experienced our technologies because we believe it makes them better at performing treatments.

What To Expect From Taut & Toned Treatments

In general, Taut & Toned means that you’re doing Emsculpt Neo and EmTone on the same area (ex. abdomen). You’ll get started with Emsculpt Neo and we finish treatment with EmTone. We will have determined how many treatments you need from each device during the free consultation. Our minimum recommendation for Taut & Toned is 4 treatments of Emsculpt Neo and 4 treatments of EmTone.

Timing For Taut & Toned

We’ll outline the best timeline for your treatments during your free consultation, but it’s safe to say that they’ll take place of the course of a few weeks. Most of the time, Emsculpt Neo and EmTone treatments take 30 minutes or less respectively and we take some time at the start of your visit to get you set up. Getting set up generally involves putting on a robe, taking photos, recording your weight, recording a body measurement, removing any metal jewelry and electronics from the body, and laying down on the treatment bed.

What Taut & Toned Feels Like

Most people find that Emsculpt Neo treatments feel intense because of the muscle contractions. Most of our clients find that watching Netflix on our smart TV is a good distraction. With EmTone, you’ll feel heat and strong mechanical vibrations.


It’s possible that you’ll start noticing results after your very first treatment. For example, you may feel stronger after your first Emsculpt Neo treatment. Also, people who have weakness-related pain report experiencing less pain or even being pain-free after their first Emsculpt Neo treatment. After each Emsculpt Neo treatment, you may notice your body getting stronger and slimmer.

After each EmTone treatment, you may notice your skin getting smoother and tighter. Also, people with general aches and pains in the treatment area often report pain relief after EmTone treatments. Results are cumulative, so there will be more change with every treatment. Time is also an important factor. We invite you back to the clinic 2 or 3 months after you complete your last treatment so that we can evaluate your final results together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taut & Toned

Anyone who wants to become slimmer and stronger with tauter and smoother skin can do Taut & Toned. Our technologies are Health Canada-approved for women and men of all ages, skin tones, and shapes. There are some contraindications, however. For example, we cannot proceed with treatment if you have a metal implant in the area of interest. This is why it’s important to do a free consultation before you book treatments.

In the world of medical aesthetics, Emsculpt Neo and EmTone are considered very safe. Like all of our technologies, they are approved by Health Canada and our technicians are trained and certified to operate the devices.

There is risk with any medical grade procedure. We’d be happy to speak with you about risk during a free consultation. Also, everything is outlined in our Client Agreements.

Once people reach their 20s, the body has a set number of fat cells. When you gain or lose weight, these fat cells either expand or shrink. When you remove fat cells entirely – whether it’s with Emsculpt Neo or surgical liposuction – they’re gone for good. If your weight fluctuates in the future, your body contour will adjust accordingly. Click here to hear video explanation from our founder, Catherine.

Emsculpt Neo works because of apoptosis. This is a natural process of programmed cell death. For example, apoptosis takes place during early development to eliminate unwanted cells, like the cells between the fingers of a fetus’ developing hand.

In the context of doing Emsculpt Neo, the machine’s energy safely damages fat cells. Then macrophages, which are a type of white blood cell, remove the damaged cells, move them through the liver and kidneys, and eliminate them from the body through natural processes over time.

Other non-invasive devices treat subcutaneous fat only. Subcutaneous fat is that soft, pinchable fat that lays just under the skin. Unlike other devices, Emsculpt Neo works on both subcutaneous and visceral fat. Visceral fat is the harder, deeper abdominal fat that wraps around the organs and poses a greater health risk.

It means that instead of going home to rest and recover after treatment, you can do whatever you want including go back to your usual routine. There is no need for recovery.

With Taut & Toned, we can treat the abdomen, flanks, glutes, arms, and thighs. A general rule is that we need to focus on muscle groups/fleshy parts and stay away from bone. If you’re interested in reducing fat and/or tightening skin in different areas, we have great success with another device called Exilis Ultra. We can use this device literally anywhere on the body.

The best way to determine if we can treat your area of concern, and how we can treat it, is to book a free consultation. During that time, we’ll look at the area and create a customized treatment plan.

Cost depends on how many treatments you need and the monthly deals we’re offering. What we can say is that Emsculpt Neo and EmTone are premium technologies and these treatments are an investment in you. We suggest booking a free consultation. During the free consultation, we’ll discuss the improvements you wish to see, look at your body, determine how many treatments you’ll need, review before/after photos, and provide a detailed quote. Click here to book a free consultation through our online booking platform or call 902-405-0858.

We generally accept payment upfront in order to lock in the deals we’re offering at the time. We also offer financing so that if you prefer, you can pay in lower monthly installments.

What’s The First Step For Taut & Toned?

Are you ready for your clothes to fit better? Want to feel better in a bathing suit or your birthday suit? Are you ready to not only feel better because of how you look, but achieve health and wellness benefits at the same time?

We’re excited to be the only provider of Taut & Toned in Nova Scotia and the most experienced provider in Atlantic Canada. We focus exclusively on non-invasive solutions with no downtime. Get in touch with Body Works Med Spa & Wellness to book a free consultation. Call 902-405-0858 or click here to use our convenient online booking platform. We look forward to meeting you and discussing what Taut & Toned can do for you.

Body Works is located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. We’re inside the Vertu building (a.k.a. the Pete’s Frootique building) at 1535 Dresden Row on the second floor/office level. Our underground parkade is accessible from Birmingham Street and it always has available spaces. As a perk, we can give you free parking for appointments when you park in the Vertu parkade.