Here are a few additional resources to help you achieve your goals…

Helping You Get To Where You Want To Be…

Body Works Med Spa & WellnessThis is a list of additional resources. They will help you select treatments according to your goals and give you the supports you need during your treatments. We’ll be updating this list on an ongoing basis. If you have suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Please call the clinic or email

Selecting The Right Treatment

If you’re exploring your treatment options and trying to make a decision, sometimes the most helpful thing is to get the perspective of people who have already done the treatments that you’re considering… is a review platform for cosmetic procedures. When you search for a particular device or procedure, it gives you a summary of what to expect, pros and cons, as well as reviews from people who have done it. The devices we use at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness have very high “worth it” ratings on Below are links to the pages for each of our devices.

As you are doing your research, please keep in mind that most of the people who leave reviews are in the USA. That means that their providers are regulated by the FDA – not Health Canada like us. Also, when a clinic performs treatments, that does not mean that they do them well; according to clinical training, correct protocols, and best practices. Do make sure to talk to your prospective provider about these factors.

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Supports To Help You Reach Your Goals

Sheri Vautour is a wellness coach and friend of Body Works Med Spa & Wellness. If you’re doing treatments to break free from the diet trap and lose weight – even after 40 – she can help! As someone who struggled for years with body image, dieting, and having no self-control around food, she gets it. She helps women break free from the diet trap, lose weight, and gain power over food so they can confidently embrace their bodies and love the skin they’re in. When you combine your treatments at Body Works with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, you can get even better results faster! Imagine being able to…

  • End your war with food
  • Stop using food for comfort, emotions, or boredom
  • Stop feeling shame, anger, or frustration because of your weight
  • Stop obsessing over eating or your weight
  • Gain confidence and rock any outfit you want
  • lose weight even after 40 years old without dieting

You deserve a life without obsession and guilt around food. You also deserve to look and feel amazing. If this resonates with you, email Sheri to set up a time to chat. Use

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