When the team at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness opened its doors in September 2021, we were thrilled to be one of the only providers of Emsella in Atlantic Canada. As a non-invasive solution to stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence, this technology helps women and men improve their quality of life in a series of short, easy, and painless treatments. These treatments don’t even require you to remove your clothes! It may seem too good to be true, but it’s definitely true. Offering Emsella was a wonderful opportunity to change lives for the better.

recommend EmsellaHowever, new treatment options often come with accessibility barriers in the medical, health, and wellness fields. It wasn’t long before we saw those accessibility barriers first-hand. One accessibility barrier that we did not expect to encounter is that Emsella is not fully accepted by the medical and health communities yet. From physicians to physiotherapists, many of these professionals will not recommend Emsella to their patients. And it gets worse… Some of them go so far as to discourage their patients from trying this revolutionary technology.

Stories About Professionals Declining To Recommend Emsella

The experiences and stories about resistance to recommend Emsella illustrate that it’s a real problem. One of our own team members tried speaking to her family doctor about Emsella, and the family doctor quickly shut down the conversation, refusing to talk about it further.

Another woman we know professed to have serious pelvic floor issues after giving birth to her two children a few years ago. Even though she had researched Emsella and wanted to try it, she followed her pelvic floor physiotherapist’s counsel to stay away from it. It was only after two years of unsuccessful physiotherapy work that she decided to do it anyway. Surprise, surprise! It improved her quality of life quickly and dramatically. It’s not hard to understand why when you know that a single Emsella treatment is equivalent to 11,200 Kegels!

There’s also the story of a physician contact who initially exclaimed that the idea of using technology to strengthen muscles was “ridiculous”. After learning more about our technologies and how popular they’re becoming, this contact has since changed her tune (and even purchased treatments!).

So Why Won’t They Recommend Emsella?

All of these experiences and stories leave consumers wondering, “why won’t my medical or health professional recommend Emsella?”

The truth is, most if not all of the medical and health professionals who decline to recommend Emsella have something in common. None of them know anything about it! They have never read the clinical studies or cared to inquire with the people who have done it. It’s fair to say that oftentimes, people are suspicious of what they don’t know.

In the case of pelvic floor physiotherapists, you have to remember that they have built a business model around a traditional and manual approach to pelvic floor problems. Unless they have invested in innovative technology themselves, they may feel threatened by Emsella as a fast and effective solution. This could be part of the reason why they will not recommend Emsella.

Susan HamiltonThe good news is that there are medical and health professionals out there who follow innovations in medicine, health, and wellness. Having completed training in Emsella, our Medical Director is one of them. She can give people the peace of mind that Emsella is a great solution.

It’s also worth noting that as more people are willing to try Emsella – even if it’s as a last resort – the more it will catch on as a mainstream treatment. Many people are already living the Emsella difference and excited to share their experiences. It’s just a matter of time before more medical and health professionals recommend Emsella to their patients.

Would We Recommend Emsella For You?

Here at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness in downtown Halifax, we offer free consultations and trial treatments for Emsella. The purpose of the free consultation is to see if Emsella is a fit for you. We’ll ask you questions and you’ll ask us questions. If appropriate, we’ll set you up to do a trial treatment at no charge. People are usually so impressed by the trial treatment that they’re ready to invest in the recommended package.

To book a free Emsella consultation and trial treatment, call 902-405-0858. If you have to leave a voicemail, we’ll get back to you at our earliest possible convenience. You can also email us at info@bodyworksmedspa.ca or click here to use our online booking platform.

If possible, be sure to park in the Vertu’s underground parkade, located off of Birmingham Street. When you park there, we can give you a parking validation ticket that will let you out for free.

We look forward to seeing you at the clinic!

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