Trying to lose weight or get in shape is hard! Whether you’re working on your New Year resolutions or attempting to make progress with your body goals more generally, it’s a challenge. Establishing new habits can feel painful at first. Even after you’re in the habit of eating healthier and getting more exercise, it can be discouraging when you don’t feel like you’re making progress fast enough.

How To Make Progress With Your Body Goals

At Body Works Med Spa & Wellness in Halifax, we help people kick-start and maintain progress with their body goals. We use premium non-invasive technologies to build muscle, reduce fat, smooth cellulite, and tighten skin. The results are scientifically proven! With this help from our medical grade technologies, clients see and feel results sooner than they otherwise would, which keeps them motivated and more confident about themselves.


Our devices are called Emsculpt Neo, Emsella, Exilis Ultra, and EmTone. Below is a quick outline of the treatments that we use, and examples of people we’ve helped. They can help you make progress with your body goals, too.

Emsculpt Neo Treatments

Emsculpt Neo Results PromiseEmsculpt Neo is a body contouring device that simultaneously reduces fat permanently and builds muscle in the treated area. The most popular area to treat is the front abdomen for a slimmer mid-section, but people also do their lateral abdomen including their love handles, arms, thighs, and calves. This device recently won the award for best body contouring device in the world and Body Works Med Spa & Wellness is the only provider in Canada that offers the Emsculpt Neo Results Promise. Basically, if you don’t get visible results, we’ll retreat you for free.

Many of our clients are menopausal women who are suddenly gaining stubborn fat and carrying it in their mid-section. These women often come to us looking to reshape their bodies because it’s so much harder to get rid of fat at this stage of life. Our body contouring services, especially Emsculpt Neo, have helped many women in this situation make progress with their body goals.

Another way we help is with rebounding from injuries. Before doing treatments, one client who had been in a serious car accident found that she couldn’t work out without getting migraines. After doing treatments to build muscle, she was able to continue her workouts by herself without the post-workout pain. This type of improvement can be life-changing.

Emsella Treatments

Benefits of EmsellaEmsella is another muscle-building device. This one is in the form of a chair. When you sit on it, it strengthens the pelvic floor, which is the foundation of the core muscle group. This device is Health Canada-approved for the treatment of stress and urge incontinence in men and women, but it’s also great for people just interested in improving their strength and fitness. When combined with Emsculpt Neo, you can use Emsella to power up your whole core. We call this Core to Floor Therapy. This is a great combination of treatments if you want to make progress with your body goals in a big way.

One group of clients who benefit from Core to Floor Therapy is postpartum women. Postpartum women have a lot of work ahead to re-engage and strengthen their core muscles. Some women have to work even harder to improve the separation of their abdominal muscles, also known as diastasis recti. Many of them appreciate help with losing fat, too. Core to Floor Therapy accomplishes all of this without pain or downtime.

Exilis Ultra Treatments

Exilis Ultra is a third device at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness. While it offers facial rejuvenation, it also reduces up to 2 inches of fat and tightens skin on the body. It’s a great option for people who want to treat hard-to-reach areas like right above the knees, the sides of the upper back (sometimes called “bra fat”), and under the chin. That being said, it works practically anywhere on the body.

If you have pockets of fat in hard-to-reach areas and they’re not really changing despite implementing healthier habits, Exilis Ultra is the perfect device to help you make progress with your body goals.

EmTone Treatments

Last but not least, EmTone is an aesthetics and wellness device that improves skin laxity and cellulite. It also improves circulation and alleviates heaviness in the lower body through pressure treatment and lymphatic drainage. When you combine EmTone treatments with Emsculpt Neo, you get Taut and Toned. This is a body contouring program that generates even better aesthetic results than either of the technologies by themselves.

Are You Ready For More Info?

Clients at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness are impressed by how machines can make meaningful body improvements. If you’re interested in investing in yourself and making progress with your body goals, it’s free to do a consultation with us.

While it’s always better to meet and see people in person at our Halifax clinic, sometimes the easiest thing is to do a virtual consultation. We offer both. After discussing health history, goals, looking at before/after pictures of real results, considering treatment plans, and pricing, you’ll get a sense of whether these services are a fit.

If you want to explore treatments to help you make progress with your body goals, contact Body Works Med Spa & Wellness today. Call 902-405-0858, email, or use our self-booking platform to book a consultation online.

Our mission is to use state-of-the-art non-invasive technologies to help clients look and feel slimmer, fitter, and younger while enhancing their quality of life – with no surgery or downtime. We hope to meet you soon!


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