Are you interested to know who’s behind the medical spa that’s leading the way in non-invasive medical aesthetics and wellness in Nova Scotia? Read this interview with founder and owner-operator Catherine Crosbie.

How did Body Works Med Spa & Wellness start?

I had started working with a medical spa in the USA and non-invasive body contouring was emerging as the engine of this business. It was new to me and I found it fascinating. I was like, you can sit back and relax while technology reduces your stubborn fat? You’ve got to be kidding me! I discovered that the non-invasive body contouring industry was well-established and delivering very real, very impressive results. At some point, it occurred to me, why don’t I start a business that does this? It was a great opportunity to bring new services to Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Canadians don’t have to go to Toronto for access to the newest and best technologies anymore.

The med spa you’re talking about used a different technology for body contouring. Why did you decide to go in a different direction?

That’s right. The med spa I was working with offered CoolSculpting, which is a fairly well-known technology. Originally, I was planning to offer CoolSculpting, too. I changed directions for a few different reasons. Chief among them was the fact that a new technology was coming to market that would give better results than any other non-invasive option – Emsculpt Neo. CoolSculpting Elite is the latest version of the CoolSculpting machine and it reduces fat by an average of 22%. Emsculpt Neo reduces fat by an average of 30%, plus it builds an average of 25% more muscle. Not to mention, a typical treatment plan for Emsculpt Neo is more affordable than a typical treatment plan for CoolSculpting.

I wanted to offer best-in-class results at the best price point, so Emsculpt Neo was a no-brainer. Adding Exilis Ultra and Emsella to our portfolio made a lot of sense because these technologies are revolutionary in their own right and they compliment each other.

What makes your med spa different?

It was really exciting to start Body Works Med Spa & Wellness because I was very intentional about what I wanted it to be. There are a lot of things that make it different. First, we’re the only medical spa in Atlantic Canada that focuses exclusively on using non-invasive technologies to help clients look and feel slimmer, fitter, and younger while enhancing quality of life. We have the most advanced non-invasive technologies on the market, so we can get the best results in the fastest time with the shortest time-commitment. We’re the only provider in Nova Scotia with Emsculpt Neo and Exilis Ultra, and we’re the only medical spa in Atlantic Canada that offers Core to Floor therapy and the Non-Invasive Mommy Makeover.

Perhaps most importantly, our philosophy sets us apart. We believe that everyone has the right to control their own bodies, take advantage of medical and aesthetic advances if they so choose, and feel good about their choices. Our core values include Integrity, Service, No Judgement, and Positive Body Image.

Who started the business with you?

My husband, John Good, and I started the business together. He never would have gotten involved with a medical spa if it weren’t for me because his passion is in owning and operating apartment buildings. But he’s really excited about it.

What’s it like working with your husband?

It’s great. I think it works because we stay in our own lanes, so to speak. I have my role and he has his role. We exchange perspectives and advice, but we respect each other’s expertise. We’re very different people with complimentary skill sets.

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What did you do before this?

I did marketing for professional practices. I offered proven marketing systems and consulting to help professionals build their dream practices. My marketing background has without a doubt helped us open Body Works Med Spa & Wellness, and having the med spa adds credibility to my marketing services.

Book a free consultation at Body Works

To book a free consultation for any of the services at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness, contact us or use our convenient online book site. We’re located in downtown Halifax at 1535 Dresden Row, Suite 206. Underground parking is available in the same building, with the entrance to the parkade on Birmingham Street. We validate parking for appointments.

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