Stop Leaking Pee Or Prevent Symptoms Of Urinary Incontinence – Without Invasive Procedure, A Physical Exam, Or Even Removing Clothes

Emsella is an easy and effective non-invasive solution to stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence. By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, this technology reconditions the body so that you stop leaking pee, improve symptoms, or prevent the onset of symptoms – even when nothing else works. Regain confidence and quality of life with Emsella. Body Works Med Spa & Wellness is the most experienced provider in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

Leaking Pee? You’re Not Alone

One study finds that in the American population 20 years and older, more than 50% of women suffer from urinary incontinence. Whether it’s from having babies, the natural aging process, or other health conditions, it’s safe to say that urinary incontinence detracts from quality of life.

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you’re probably modifying your behaviour to accommodate the condition. Have you given up certain activities to avoid having an accident? Do you stay close to public bathrooms? Wear pads or diapers? At best, the condition is uncomfortable and inconvenient. At worst, it’s embarrassing, limiting, and it may even create other health issues.

Most treatment options for urinary incontinence are unattractive. Behavioural techniques like scheduled toilet trips, fluid and diet management, and pelvic floor exercises require constant management and may not work. Physical therapies can be invasive and unpleasant, while riskier options like medication, medical devices, and surgery should be a last resort.

Years ago, many people would have given up hope and lived with their worsening symptoms. Today, a recent advancement in medical technology is helping women get their lives back…

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Benefits of Emsella

Emsella Is An Easy, Fast, And Non-Invasive Solution To Stress, Urge, and Mixed Urinary Incontinence With No Downtime

Emsella is a revolutionary technology that uses high intensity-focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, which is *not* the same as electrical stimulation, to create supramaximal muscle contractions. The energy penetrates up to 10 cm inside the body. The result is a strengthening of the pelvic floor.

Nicknamed “the Kegel throne”, Emsella is exponentially more effective at strengthening the pelvic floor than doing Kegels on your own. One Emsella treatment is equivalent to 11,200 Kegels! With a dramatically stronger pelvic floor, you are better able to control your need to pee. This muscular reconditioning eliminates or improves symptoms of stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence. In clinical studies, 95% of subjects reported improved quality of life.

Not only is Emsella an effective solution, it has several other benefits. It’s probably the fastest way to eliminate or improve symptoms of urinary incontinence ever. Just imagine: you can change your life and stop leaking pee within 3 short weeks! You don’t even have to plan for downtime because there isn’t any – just complete your treatment plan and presto.

Emsella is also an easy solution. The treatment protocol for most people is a series of six 28-minute treatments within three weeks. Most people think of this as scheduled “me time”. Here at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness in downtown Halifax, you can watch Netflix on our smart TV, read a book, flip through our magazine – whatever you like.

Perhaps the best benefit of Emsella is that it’s completely non-invasive. Who wants unfamiliar people poking and prodding at your body if you can avoid it? No one! With Emsella, there are no invasive procedures or physical exams – you never even have to remove your clothes. You just sit on the Emsella chair fully clothed for the duration of your treatment.

Other Reasons Why Women Do Emsella

You don’t have to have stress, urge, or mixed urinary incontinence to use Emsella. There are at least three other reasons why women in Nova Scotia and across North America use this remarkable device.

Prevent Incontinence

First, many women use Emsella to prevent symptoms of stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence. Whether we like it or not, many of us will experience these symptoms eventually. You are especially likely to develop urinary incontinence if you have been pregnant, given birth, or are aging… so that’s basically all of us! If you want to take better care of your pelvic floor health and avoid symptoms of urinary incontinence, Emsella is a great option. Recent clinical studies show that Emsella is 3 times more effective than electrical stimulation.

Sexual Wellness

Second, clinical studies show that Emsella has a positive effect on sexual wellness. After completing the treatment protocol, women experience improved sexual function and improved sexual satisfaction for themselves and their partners. More specifically, Emsella improves muscle control and blood flow to the pelvic floor tissue. It has a tightening effect and increases lubrication and sensation. There are many stories of women who started their treatment plans without telling their partners to find that their partners notice a difference part way through the treatment plan!

One recent clinical study on women experiencing sexual dysfunction symptoms found that their symptoms improved by an average of 51%. The most prominent improvement was in the areas of sexual satisfaction and desire with an increase of 76%. Arousal showed an increase of 54% and subjects reported a 60% improvement in the domain of orgasm. In another study, subjects reported that orgasmic response improved by 62% and lubrication improved by 47%.

Core Strength

Third, Emsella is a great way to improve core strength. The pelvic floor is the foundation of the core muscles. In other words, strengthening the pelvic floor also helps strengthen the core muscles. Whether you’re trying to improve athletic performance, get your body back after pregnancy or childbirth, or interested in maintaining quality of life as you age, Emsella is a solution. When you pair an Emsella treatment plan with doing Emsculpt Neo on your abdomen, you can power up your whole core with Core to Floor Therapy.

Clinical studies now show that Core to Floor Therapy improves quality of life in women after childbirth with over 90% of subjects feeling stronger and satisfied with the therapy. 70% reported improvement in back discomfort. Studies also show improved quality of life in elderly people and people with sarcopenia, which is the gradual age-related loss of muscle mass and strength.

Discover If You’re A Candidate For Emsella

It’s time to regain (or maintain) freedom, confidence, and vitality with Emsella! Complete the web form here to see if you’re a candidate. We’ll send more information about Emsella straight to your inbox.

What To Expect From Emsella At Body Works Med Spa & Wellness

Body Works Med Spa & Wellness focuses exclusively on non-invasive medical aesthetics and wellness. We love using state-of-the-art technologies to help clients look and feel slimmer, fitter, and younger while enhancing their quality of life – no surgery or downtime required. We believe that everyone has the right to control their own bodies, take advantage of aesthetic and wellness advances if they so choose, and feel good about their choices. We’re also the most experienced provider of Emsella in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

We’re conveniently located in downtown Halifax’s the Vertu, also known as the Pete’s Frootique building on Dresden Row. Ample parking is available in the Vertu’s underground parkade off of Birmingham Street and we validate parking for appointments.

The first step you’ll take towards Emsella is a free consultation. During this consultation, we’ll review your history to ensure that you’re a good candidate. When we’re confident that you’re a good candidate, we’ll do a 5-minute treatment demo so you know what to expect.

Treatment plans consist of 6 to 8 Emsella treatments within a 3 or 4-week timeframe. Each treatment is only 28 minutes long (not even as long as a lunch break!).

Clients sometimes report a noticeable difference after the first treatment. Results are cumulative, so most people realize greater results with each treatment. Since Emsella is strengthening existing muscle fibers and generating new muscle fibers, results usually peak about 3 months after completing treatments.

We recommend 1 maintenance treatment every 3 months to keep the pelvic floor strong and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emsella is for women and men of any age, BMI, and skin type who want to stop leaking pee or prevent symptoms of stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence – without downtime, surgery, invasive procedure, physical exam, or even taking off clothes. It’s also for people who want to improve sexual wellness and core strength. Clients regain confidence and quality of life. They also appreciate our no-judgement philosophy and positive body image approach. Complete the web form above to see if you’re a candidate for Emsella or book a free consultation.

We discuss pricing in detail during free consultations, including our standard pricing and our current Monthly Deal. We always write down your customized treatment plan with the required investment.

Most people find Emsella treatments to be comfortable. Some people describe the sensation as intense, but it does not hurt and it is not arousing.

The most common side effects of Emsella are muscle fatigue and muscle soreness. The HIFEM energy challenges your pelvic floor, so your muscles may be tired the day after a treatment. Emsella is safe and has never caused any harm.

We always try to follow the protocol of doing treatments twice per week. This is how the clinical studies were performed. However, many people are unable to follow this protocol because of scheduling challenges. Clients can still get exceptional results on a different timeline. We suggest that you book a free consultation (virtual or in-person) as soon as possible to ensure that we can accommodate your schedule.

Body Works Med Spa & Wellness is the only medical spa in Atlantic Canada that focuses exclusively on non-invasive medical aesthetics and wellness. Our mission is to use state-of-the-art non-invasive technologies to help clients look and feel slimmer, fitter, and younger while enhancing their quality of life – without surgery or downtime. Contact us for a free Emsella consultation! We’ll determine if you’re a good candidate and do a trial treatment so you know what to expect.

At Body Works Med Spa & Wellness, our mission is to use state-of-the-art non-invasive technologies to help clients look and feel slimmer, fitter, and younger while enhancing their quality of life – without surgery or downtime. Contact us for a free Emsella consultation! We’ll determine if you’re a good candidate and do a treatment demo so you know what to expect.