(HALIFAX, NS, SEPTEMBER 26, 2022) – As non-invasive body contouring is growing in popularity across Nova Scotia, the industry’s leading device Emsculpt Neo is launching new ways to reduce fat and build muscle.

Emsculpt Neo is a revolutionary device that reduces stubborn fat permanently and builds muscle without surgery or downtime. While it always treated the front abdomen for an average of 30% fat loss and 25% more muscle, Emsculpt Neo was unable to target the lateral abdomen and love handles until now.

The new applicators that target the lateral abdomen and love handles are called the Edge applicators. They come with a software upgrade that enables the device to reduce more fat in areas such as the arms and thighs.

Edge applicators and software upgrade

Pictured here are the Emsculpt Neo Edge applicators for the lateral abdomen and love handles

Catherine Crosbie is the owner-operator of Body Works Med Spa & Wellness. As the go-to provider for Emsculpt Neo in Atlantic Canada, she’s thrilled to bring the Edge applicators and software upgrade to Halifax.

“Emsculpt Neo is widely recognized as an effective procedure and we’ve seen good demand,” says Crosbie. “Introducing new treatment areas as well as better fat loss outcomes with the Edge applicators and software upgrade will definitely broaden the appeal.” Her clinic is scheduled to get the new applicators and software upgrade in mid-October.

By reducing fat and building muscle at the same time, Emsculpt Neo has set the new standard for non-invasive body contouring. It reduces fat by the greatest margin of any non-invasive device. By building muscle, it delivers health and wellness benefits that even surgery can’t deliver.

While getting trim and fit is great, some clients at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness have had even more life-changing outcomes. For one client with diastasis recti, rolling out of bed every morning transformed into sitting up out of bed. For another client, doing Emsculpt Neo on her arms meant that she no longer suffered from migraines after lifting weights. It also made a postpartum client’s debilitating pain disappear.

Emsculpt Neo improves diastasis recti by an average of 19% and reduces dangerous visceral fat by an average of 14%. Adding muscle mass also helps people maintain a healthy weight, decreases the likelihood of developing obesity, improves athletic performance, lowers risk of injury, improves posture, and helps to maintain independence while aging.

Body Works Med Spa & Wellness recently acquired another device called EmTone, which is the world’s first and only non-invasive device to provide effective treatment of cellulite with no downtime. When you combine EmTone with Emsculpt Neo, it reduces fat faster. This combination of treatments is known as the Taut & Toned program.

Located in downtown Halifax, Body Works Med Spa & Wellness is the only medical spa in Atlantic Canada that focuses exclusively on non-invasive medical aesthetics and wellness. Call 902-405-0858 or visit to schedule a free consultation.


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