About Us

Body Works Med Spa & Wellness is a medical spa (or medical gym) in downtown Halifax that focuses exclusively on non-invasive medical aesthetics and wellness. We use Emsculpt Neo, Exilis Ultra, EmTone, and Emsella, to reduce stubborn fat permanently, build muscle, tighten skin, smooth cellulite, and address urinary incontinence.

Our mission is to use state-of-the-art non-invasive technologies to help clients look and feel slimmer, fitter, and younger while enhancing their quality of life – with no surgery or downtime.

What Makes Us Different

  • We have some of the best non-invasive body improvement technologies on the market. Not only are they great standalone devices, but you can combine treatments from different devices to get even better results.
  • We’re Atlantic Canada’s go-to provider of Emsculpt Neo! This device gets you more fat reduction and muscle building than any single gold standard technology. We’ve done hundreds of Emsculpt Neo treatments. In fact, we’re the most experienced provider in Atlantic Canada. We know how to deliver optimal results.
  • We’re the first and only Emsculpt Neo provider to offer an Emsculpt Neo Results Promise. Basically, if you don’t get visible results, we’ll retreat you for free.
  • We’re the most experienced provider of Emsella for women and men in Atlantic Canada. By strengthening the pelvic floor, this wonderful device can help with a range of pelvic floor issues.
  • We’re the only provider of EmTone in Nova Scotia and the most experienced provider of EmTone in Atlantic Canada. EmTone is the best non-invasive device for smoothing cellulite and tightening skin on the legs, bum, abdomen, and arms.
  • We’re the only provider of Exilis Ultra in Nova Scotia and the most experienced provider of Exilis Ultra in Atlantic Canada. This device has created satisfaction worldwide with non-invasive facelifts and permanent fat reduction in hard-to-reach areas.
  • We’re the most experienced provider and the leading provider of Core to Floor therapy in Atlantic Canada. This therapy combines Emsculpt Neo on the abdomen with Emsella treatments for complete core strength training. It’s the world’s first and only non-invasive whole core medical aesthetics treatment.
  • We’re the only provider of Taut & Toned in Nova Scotia and the most experienced in Atlantic Canada. This body contouring program combines Emsculpt Neo and EmTone treatments to reduce fat, build muscle, improve skin texture, and deliver less fat faster.
  • We’re the only medical spa in Atlantic Canada that offers a Non-Invasive Mommy Makeover. Look and feel like yourself again without surgery, scars, or downtime.

Our Philosophy

Body Works Med Spa & Wellness has a no-judgement philosophy. We believe that everyone has the right to control their own bodies, take advantage of medical and aesthetic advances if they so choose, and feel good about their choices.

Our Core Values

Our Team

Catherine Crosbie

Trained and Certified in BTL Technologies  

Catherine is a serial entrepreneur and Owner-Operator of Body Works Med Spa & Wellness. As an alumna of the London School of Economics, she built a successful business doing marketing for professional practices including law firms, financial firms, and medical spas. Just before the birth of her first child, she realized the opportunity to bring advanced non-invasive technologies to Halifax and deliver exciting new medical aesthetic and wellness services in Atlantic Canada. Body Works Med Spa & Wellness came to life just over one year later. She loves helping people obtain their medical aesthetic and wellness goals. If clients are happy, she is happy! When Catherine is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring trails, and practicing yoga.  

Leah Decker

Technician & Office Manager
Trained and Certified in BTL Technologies

Leah comes to Body Works Med Spa & Wellness after starting her career as a licensed aesthetician in Halifax. She loves that she has transitioned into medical aesthetics. She enjoys getting to know clients and taking care of them. When she’s not doing treatments, she’s working on social media, answering the phone, scheduling client appointments, and helping to enhance the client experience in general. Outside of work, her interests include taking care of her plants and cats and going for nature walks. She quickly became the resident caretaker to the plants at Body Works!

Kaylee Langor

Kaylee Langor

Technician & Skincare Specialist

Kaylee is a Technician at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness as well as a Licensed Aesthetician. She has always been interested in medical aesthetics and is excited to be working with non-invasive medical grade technology. She’s also particularly interested and specialized in skincare and enjoys helping people select the right products for their skin type and skin concerns. Kaylee loves to learn, meet new people, and make clients feel their best. Improved confidence can be a game changer! Outside of work, Kaylee enjoys staying active, listening to music, and getting cuddles from her cat.

Susan Hamilton

Susan Hamilton, RN, BScN, MN, NP

Medical Director
Trained and Certified in BTL Technologies

Susan is a Nurse Practitioner and the Medical Director at Body Works Med Spa & Wellness. While family practice has been her focus in recent years, her background includes working in public health, community health, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology. Susan has held many leadership roles working with different populations including First Nations communities, veterans, and new parents and babies. These leadership roles have had different areas of concentration including public relations, progressive healthcare, multi-year health planning, and policy development. Her varied experience has shaped her healthcare approach to be one of inclusivity, community-building, and problem-solving. Through Body Works Med Spa & Wellness, Susan is thrilled to use cutting-edge technology to help people improve overall health and wellness. She enjoys hiking, cycling, and spending time at her cottage. She is a wife and mother of five.